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Could a Grout Recoloring Make This Dirty Shower in Naples Look New Again?

March 23, 2016

There are few tasks more annoying for a homeowner than that of cleaning a shower that just won't get clean. The elbow grease alone is enough to haunt the nightmares of a new homeowner not to mention the back pain, the noxious cleaning products, and the stench of wet mold that seems like it will never go away. The scariest part about a shower that won't get clean is the inevitable: a place that helps people get clean that is dirty, and gets dirtier with every shower taken.

Could a Grout Recoloring Make This Dirty Shower in Naples Look New Again?

For this homeowner in Naples, FL, a dirty shower was just that: a haunting torture device that he stepped into every morning and attempted to clean every week, with little progress on the dark grout lines, recurrent mold, and scummy tiles. He knew that if he didn't get it clean, the worst would happen: his grout would not only be stained, but start to deteriorate. With grout deterioration would come water damage, signaling the devaluing of his home and many expensive repairs ahead. In order to combat what seemed inevitable, the homeowner began searching online. Did he need his grout sealed? Was there a way to get rid of the dreadful brown splotches that made his shower seem so irreparable dirty? He looked for a company that would provide local Naples grout recoloring services. The best reviews were for a local company called Sir Grout SW Florida. He called the company to find more about their services, and they offered to come look at his shower for free.

The hard surface restoration experts visited the Naples home with the dirty shower. It took a quick inspection to tell that the grout was not yet deteriorating it was just dirty and stained from dirt, soap scum, and mold. In a shower, the cycle of cleaning actually creates an environment for mold and dirt buildup. The humid environment combined with splashes of adhesive soap scum that does not get properly washed out creates the perfect home in unsealed grout. Grout is porous, so when the pores are not properly filled, they become a safe haven for dirt and bacteria. As the humid, dark environment continues to go uncleaned, mold quickly forms and perpetuates the spread of dark, dirty material across the exposed grout lines. Fortunately, a complete grout removal and replacement was not needed! All the homeowner really needed was a grout cleaning, caulking service, and grout recoloring for his Naples home.

On the day of the job, the experts came over the home in Naples, ready to recolor the grout and create a completely new look. First, they began with a full tile and grout cleaning with a proprietary vapor cleaning utilizing a one-of-a-kind vertical brush scrubbing system, they were able to destroy and remove dirt and bacteria from the tile and grout. Since the now clean grout underneath was still stained by the mold and dirt, ColorSeal was the best option for an epoxy sealing and recoloring. ColorSeal is a 2-in-1 service that both seals and recolors grout. The epoxy filled in the microscopic pores in the grout that had given residence to all that nasty, recurrent bacteria and dirt. In addition to that, the tint of ColorSeal created a uniform look across all the grout lines it was simply pristine!

Finally, the team caulked the corners and edges where the floor met the wall this would doubly prevent against any water damage or deterioration, as the old caulk was peeling. The job was complete, and the homeowner was extremely relieved that he would not have to attempt another intensive cleaning. He asked the professionals how best to maintain this wonderful new work. The team recommended that he use pH-neutral cleaners like Sir Grout Maintenance Cleaner the acidic and alkaline cleaners found in most household products actually damage the seal as well as grout and stone. Also, it would be much easier to clean now that he had his grout recolored, because ColorSeal is stain-, mold-, mildew-, and water-resistant! The Naples homeowner was ecstatic. Problem solved!

If you have a dirty shower that won't get clean, don't let the problem fester. Call (239) 322-3984 for a free evaluation!


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