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Grout Sealing Beautifies Customer's Kitchen Floor in Fort Myers, FL

February 10, 2016

Every morning, millions of Americans wake up to a ringing alarm clock to start their daily process of getting ready for work. An important part of this daily ritual is a breakfast, or at least a morning cup of coffee in the kitchen. For a Fort Myers customer, the morning routine was no different. Living in Southwestern Florida is like living on vacation - the tropical weather, the sun, and the beautiful beaches and ocean - however, people in paradise work just like any place else. As the years went on, this hardworking homeowner started noticing a change in the appearance of the floor of the kitchen in the Fort Myers home. Upon glancing at the floor every day while making breakfast, enjoying the morning paper and brewing a tasty cup of coffee, there was definitely evidence of the years of foot traffic, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The stone kitchen tiles were losing their beautiful shine -- the color was no longer as bright, the contrast was just off somehow.

Grout Sealing Beautifies Customer's Kitchen Floor in Fort Myers, FL

The grout separating the tiles was not faring much better -- the years of foot traffic, moisture from cooking, and the salty Florida air darkened and dried out the grout lines. Once light-colored and clean, the grout lines turned dark brown and inconsistent in shade. They were even cracking in some places. Not knowing what else to do, the homeowners bought an array of expensive cleaning products and attempted a thorough cleaning. Unfortunately, even the most expensive of chemicals did not seem to do much to mitigate the years of dirt and mildew. Contemplating a costly remodel, the homeowners searched for the top Fort Myers grout sealing services, and found Sir Grout SW Florida. Sir Grout's positive feedback and years of experience made the decision easy -- the very next day, the homeowners placed a call to Sir Grout of Southwest Florida to inquire about a professional cleaning and grout sealing service.

Southwest Florida's hot, humid weather and salty air can put a strain on any surface. Add the atmospheric moisture to daily foot traffic, years of cooking, dirt, grime, and mildew, and the beautiful stone tile kitchen floor of this Fort Myers home can turn from a staple of beauty and every realtor's dream, to an unsightly scene. As grout ages, moisture and dirt discolor and dry out the grout, making the once clean, neat grout lines look weathered, discolored, dry and dirty. These Fort Myers customers made the right choice by contracting Sir Grout of Southwest Florida -- Sir Grout's years of experience in grout sealing can tackle a job of any scope and size.

Upon arriving at the customers' residence, Sir Grout's trained, professional grout sealing team assessed the situation and decided on a multi-step approach to tackle the years of dirt and moisture that faded the tiles and grout in the kitchen. The team started with documenting the pre-treatment state of the floor, taking a few photos to illustrate the difference. To begin the cleaning process, the team first performed a deep steam clean on the entire kitchen floor to get the years of dirt and grime out of the stone tiles. Even the best cleaning products are no match for a professionally-performed, high-temperature, high-pressure cleaning that uses a proprietary mix of alkaline and neutral chemicals. After the thorough cleaning, the Sir Grout team sealed the grout surfaces with light-colored ColorSeal to make the newly-cleaned grout lines look and feel clean for years to come. ColorSeal is a tinted sealer that serves as a water-resistent top layer applied to existing grout, substantially extending the life of existing grout by eliminating dirt-trapping pores and inconsistencies in grout.

The final result was a beautiful, clean tile kitchen floor with clean, light-colored grout lines the customers could enjoy during their morning routine for years to come.

When your tiled surfaces seem old, weathered, and dry, perhaps it is time for a thorough sealing and cleaning. Turn to the Fort Myers grout sealing experts Sir Grout SW Florida. Fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!

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