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This Dull Naples Shower Recovers Its Shine with a Tile Cleaning Service

May 09, 2016

Something unhealthier than not taking a shower is taking one in a dirty shower. Imagine getting clean in a shower that gets dirty with every shower taken, and no matter how many times you clean it, it just looks dirtier each time. Unfortunately, that is how this homeowner felt every time he had to take a shower. He used all the cleaning products he could get his hands on and followed all the techniques and recommendations his friends gave him, but nothing seemed to work. The shower just wouldn't get clean. There was still dirt and grime on the bathroom walls and floor. His once-white and beautiful bathroom looked so filthy and ugly that showering there wasn't productive. Exhausted by all the cleaning with no results, out of desperation he began thinking of changing his bathroom tile. Luckily, a neighbor recommended him to look for a tile cleaning service in Naples. After looking for several options, he found Sir Grout of Southwest Florida and contacted them immediately.

This Dull Naples Shower Recovers Its Shine with a Tile Cleaning Service

Tile is one of the nicest touches to the basic architecture of a bathroom. It is long-lasting, durable, and looks great. Depending on the tile, it can either add an air of class to any bathroom, or it can make the classiest bathroom look like a dump. Shower tiles are susceptible to humidity, and humid conditions cause mold and mildew to grow on your grout. Over time, the dirt and grime buildup on your tile can become a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria. While regular cleaning may keep excessive buildup at bay, it doesn't deliver the deep cleaning that your floors really need. Fortuitously, our homeowner had Sir Grout's tile cleaners come to rescue his bathroom.

Upon arriving at the customer's home, the hard surface restoration experts did a thorough inspection of the Naples homeowner's shower and found that the tiles had lost their appeal due to the use of improper products and cleaning methods. They had a lot of dirt and grime buildup. The good news was that they could be totally cleaned and restored, and there was no need to install new tile and grout. The team began to apply STAINMASTER® epoxy grout to renew the weathered grout. Then they cleaned the entire shower, the tile, and the grout with a combination of vapor and their proprietary soft brush vertical scrubbing system. To give it the final touch, they applied ColorSeal for an epoxy sealing and recoloring. Color Seal is a 2-in-1 service that seals and recolors grout to give it a clean and refreshed look. The results were tremendous! The shower was restored to its former elegance and looked brand new!

When the homeowner saw the results, he couldn't believe his eyes! The shower looked elegant and new – its beauty seemed a true invitation to take a nice long shower. He was amazed at how his once-filthy shower now looked so clean and shiny. He was extremely satisfied with Sir Grout's tile cleaning service and said he would recommend them to all his friends.

Sir Grout's trained, professional team wasn't finished yet, and they gave the homeowner some recommendations to maintain his shower and keep it looking like new. First, it is important to make sure the shower stays well ventilated and to avoid stagnant water that causes mildew and other fungi. Second, the tile must be cleaned with a pH-neutral soap-less cleaner. Once applied, it's important to let it soak for about five minutes, and then mop as usual. Acid-based cleaners should be avoided as they can damage and affect the grout's color. Another good recommendation is to use liquid soaps, as they are easier to clean off the walls than bar soaps. The homeowner was thrilled by the excellent service and professionalism of Sir Grout's team!

If you have a dirty shower that has lost its appeal and you don't feel like showering in it anymore, don't despair. Call (239) 322-3984 for a free evaluation!


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