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Bring In the Buyers! See How this Grout Cleaning Service in Fort Myers Left this Bathroom Floor Ready for an Open House

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September 25, 2017

When a home is listed for sale, the owners and realtors must take care of all details to give a good impression for prospective buyers. Although online listing is convenient and quick, open houses offer prospective buyers the opportunity to physically see the property and the surrounding area; therefore, they are still very popular. After all, having a close look at the place will allow them to feel more confident about a potential purchase. Before this open house, the realtors asked the owners if there was something they could do about the floors. They said they had tried to revive them but no strategy had worked. Different types of cleaners, frequently cleaning—nothing had been enough to fix the dirty and discolored grout.

This gave the hall area and the bathroom a shabby appearance that needed to be fixed to ensure that the house would give a good first impression. The rest of the house was very clean, and these high traffic areas could not be an exception. The realtors told them that hiring a professional service was the best solution and that they knew about a company that offered excellent Grout Cleaning in Fort Myers. Sir Grout SW Florida had restored hard surfaces in some of the homes they listed for sale, with amazing results. The homeowners followed this recommendation and called us for a free in-home consultation.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Cleaning Service in Fort Myers, FL
On the day of the consultation, we determined that a grout cleaning would immediately give a fresh appearance to the floors, and recommended color sealing and tile sealing to protect the grout and the tile for years to come. The homeowner agreed that these services were the best choice to restore the floors, and was relieved to know that the damage could be reversed. However, he wanted to know why despite all his cleaning efforts, the grout had become so stained and discolored.

As our experts explained, grout stains easily by nature, so it is common for your grout to be stained despite all the care you may provide! The porous materials that make up cementitious grout (the most common type of grout) foster the accumulation of grime. Besides the nature of grout, the incorrect cleaning methods can accelerate its deterioration, as well as spills, dirty mop water, and excess of cleaning solutions. Avoiding all these factors results in optimal care for floors.

On the appointed day, we started the renovations by cleaning the grout and tile in the hall and the bathroom floor with an appropriate cleaning product and a high-speed scrubber to remove grime gently, yet effectively. After the cleaning alone, the change was noticeable. However, other services were recommended to provide lasting protection to the floor: color sealing and tile sealing. For the first procedure, we applied our proprietary grout product, ColorSeal, which has waterproof and stainproof properties, besides providing resistance to mold and mildew. With this product, the grout will take any color the client desires, and be protected for many years. For the second procedure, we applied our top-quality sealant, TileArmor. This product leaves the floor completely protected, resistant to grime, and stain-proof. In addition, it is safe for children and pets, since it is water-based and non-toxic. Both color sealing and tile sealing are wise investments since they have several advantages that remain in the long term, such as a dramatically improved appearance and diminished effort on cleaning routines.

Before and After Image of a Grout Cleaning Service in Fort Myers, FL
The owner and the realtor were completely satisfied with the results of our services and the expertise of our technicians. The refreshed appearance of the hall and the bathroom were sure to contribute to the success of the open house. We provided our client with recommendations to keep our professional services in optimal condition for a long time; among which the most important are the use of appropriate cleaners and the application of proper cleaning practices, like changing mop water frequently, sweeping with soft bristled brooms, and weekly vacuuming.

Before listing your home for sale, you can rely on Sir Grout SW Florida's highly trained and experienced technicians to perfect the appearance of any hard surfaces that might need restoration. Our work is guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations in quality results and customer service, which makes us a top choice in the field of hard surface restoration and maintenance. For information, do not hesitate to call us at (239) 326-0602, or fill in the 'Request a Quote' form that you'll find on this website to get a free in-home consultation.

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