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Great Shower Restoration Thanks to Our Grout Cleaning Experts in Fort Myers, FL

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October 27, 2018

Everyone wants their bathroom to be as clean as possible, especially because this is the place where people take a relaxing shower after a long day of work. The last thing they want is to be surrounded by dirt and unsanitary conditions while doing it. A Fort Myers resident recently had a problem in her ceramic tile master shower. The entire surface was grimy, full of soap scum, and had mold and mildew in the grout lines. The best option she found for solving it was our grout cleaning specialists in Fort Myers, FL .

Before and after Picture of This Grout Cleaning Job in Fort Myers, Fl, Restoring This Shower
A couple of months earlier, the homeowner noticed during a weekly maintenance session that her master shower floor was starting to have an opaque appearance and that the grout had dirt accumulated. Since she regularly cleaned, she wasn't sure why the surface was in such state. She had been using the same methods and cleaning products for years. The woman mentioned the issue she was having to one of her friends and he suggested using vinegar and acid-based products when cleaning the shower.

The homeowner, trusting her friend, bought many products to solve the problem herself before it got any worse. She tried for weeks to clean the master shower surface, but she had no success at all. In fact, the ceramic tiles were getting duller and the mold issue on the grout lines began to expand all over the floor and walls. No matter what product or method she used, the area was not getting any better, and in fact, it was getting worse. The woman realized she needed professional help as soon as possible. If she didn't get the help she needed, she feared she would need to remodel the entire master shower.

These days people can search for almost anything online, and that was what this homeowner did. She searched for 'best grout cleaning services in Fort Myers' and found Sir Grout SW Florida in the top results. After reading many positive reviews left by satisfied clients, the homeowner decided to browse our website. She saw several photos in the picture gallery section and was convinced we were the right company to restore her master shower. She placed a call to set up a free in-home examination.

That same week, our professional grout cleaners visited the woman's home to evaluate the surface and offer her the perfect solution to bring back its original beauty. When the experts checked the master shower, they realized the ceramic tiles were dirty and that there was a mold and mildew problem in several areas. They asked the client about her maintenance routine, and after hearing about the products and techniques she used, they understood why the surface was in such condition. Our specialists proposed a grout cleaning job to completely restore the master shower. The owner accepted the offer and scheduled a date for the restoration.

A few days later, our team went back to the residence to begin the cleaning process. To do so, they applied our proprietary cleaner on the entire surface and waited a few minutes. Next, they used a high-speed but gentle scrubber to remove the dirt accumulated on the walls and floor and a vapor steam cleaner to eliminate the mold on the grout lines.

Once the master shower was clean and dry, it was time for the last stage of the procedure: color sealing the surface. Our team of professionals used Sir Grout's proprietary sealant, ColorSeal. They explained that this product protects the grout from future damage. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colors, giving the customer the opportunity to match with the tiles appropriately. The woman chose a color that went perfect with the room's overall color.

The grout cleaning specialists invited the homeowner to the bathroom to show her the results. She was completely amazed to see her master shower so clean and beautiful. She thanked us for the wonderful service. The resident mentioned she would recommend Sir Grout SW Florida to anyone in Fort Myers experiencing similar problems.

Before our experts left, they wanted to give the customer some tips for maintaining the master shower in top-notch condition. Our team suggested to avoid using acidic or vinegar-based products because they will etch the surface. Instead, they suggested she use soap-free pH-neutral cleaners such as our Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner, which can provide many benefits. Also, they advised her to use liquid soap to prevent soap scum problems. Finally, they recommended she keep the bathroom well-ventilated to avoid future mold and mildew issues.

When your hard surfaces look dull and grimy, do not despair. Sir Grout SW Florida is here to help you! Our well-trained and experienced technicians are your best choice for solving your grout cleaning problems. Call us at (239) 322-3984 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this website to schedule an in-home evaluation. To keep up with our latest promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.

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