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Grout Recoloring Revitalizes Old Shower in Fort Myers Home

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May 02, 2016

Living in Southwest Florida is a dream for many in the United States. The beautiful beaches, tropical climate, and sunny weather make living in Florida a pleasure and a breeze. This couple followed their dream, selling their property up North and moving down to sunny Fort Myers, Florida to retire. They quickly found a home, and have been living there happily for the past 10 years. As is true with any property, age takes a toll on building materials. The hot and humid climate coupled with the salty air coming from the Gulf of Mexico makes Southwest Florida especially tough on residential and commercial properties. Our clients noticed time specifically take a toll on their tile, walk-in shower. Over the years, the once white tile started showing signs of aging and weathering -- the color was no longer pure white but more of an off-white, eggshell with a slight tint. Mildew and dirt started building up around the lip of the shower, making the tiles around the lip and door of the shower look old and unsightly.

Grout Recoloring Revitalizes Old Shower in Fort Myers Home

The grout lines in between the shower tiles also showed signs of aging. The once light-colored grout darkened with age and perpetual bombardment of dirt, moisture, and mildew, especially around the corners. Something had to be done to restore the shower to what it looked like when the homeowners first moved in. After considering and dismissing the prohibitive costs of a complete shower remodel, the couple searched for Fort Myers grout recoloring on the internet to find professional experts who would restore their shower. Upon doing his due diligence and researching companies, they settled on Sir Grout SW Florida -- the years of experience and excellent reviews from previous customers in the area made Sir Grout an easy choice for them.

Hot, humid weather and salty air of Southwest Florida can be a dream to live in, but wreak havoc on any surface. When the humid, salty air is combined with years of extra humidity courtesy of hot showers and water, any shower will need help sooner or later. Cleaning showers with household cleaning products can delay the onset of damage, but even the best over-the-counter cleaning chemicals are no match for a professional steam cleaning and grout recoloring done by professionals with years of experience. Our customers just wanted their clean, neat walk-in shower back. Sir Grout of Fort Myers was ready to help!

Grout Recoloring Restores Old Shower in Fort Myers Home

Upon arriving at the residence, Sir Grout's trained grout recoloring team assessed the scope of the job, documented the pre-treatment state of the shower with a few photos, and agreed on a plan of action. The first step was a thorough steam cleaning of the shower tiles to get the years of dirt and mildew out. Sir Grout's proprietary process involved using alkaline and neutral chemicals lifts years of dirt, mold, and mildew without damaging the underlying layers of tile or stone. Once the tiles were back to their original white glow, it was time for recoloring and sealing the grout with light-colored ColorSeal. ColorSeal is a tinted sealer that goes over existing grout and eliminates the dirt-trapping pores found on unprotected grout. ColorSeal creates a clean, water-resistant layer that protects existing grout while creating an appearance of newly installed grout. Sir Grout turns to ColorSeal for commercial and residential grout recoloring jobs all over Southwest Florida, and considers it one of the best sealants on the market. Designed by grout experts, ColorSeal stands the test of time on any application.

When the grout recoloring team was finished, the customers were very happy with the results. Their shower looked as good as it did when they bought the home -- Sir Grout's job was done!

Sir Grout's customers can continue enjoying the fresh, clean grout recoloring for years to come. Grout does require occasional upkeep -- cleaning with appropriate products and minimizing dirt can prolong the life of original or recolored grout. Neglecting the new grout can potentially accelerate discoloration, fading and drying, requiring more professional treatments in the future.

When your shower grout and tile seems old, weathered, and dry, perhaps it is time for grout recoloring. Turn to the Fort Myers grout recoloring experts Sir Grout SW Florida. Fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!

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