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Our Estero Caulking Services Remain Unmatched After Restoring This Ceramic Shower

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October 31, 2021

A homeowner in Estero had tried many options to bring back the appeal that his ceramic shower had lost along the way. He had single-handedly taken care of his house cleaning duties for years, so he had a number of methods to try before letting his frustration get the best of him. It was during one of these attempts that he realized that the dirt on the grout was just part of the problem. There were cracks weighing down most of the grout and putting the entire shower's layout at risk.

Picture of Ceramic Shower Before and After Caulkin Services in Estero
After his discovery, the homeowner decided to get some professional assistance, hoping that the solution wouldn't require tearing down the shower's ceramic tiles. He found Sir Grout SW Florida soon after looking for grout repair services online and was delighted by the results on display in our picture gallery. He gave us a call to learn more about our Estero Caulking Services and scheduled a free in-home evaluation to get more insight into his shower's condition.

Our crew headed to the client's house as scheduled to inspect the grout and tiles. They assessed the grout closely, making their way from the walls to the floor and checking the grout joints as they moved through the area. By the end of the inspection, they understood the client's concern. The grout was cracked to such a degree that the tiles on the wall had started buckling from the water seeping through the grout lines every day. We explained that the caulk needed to be replaced and the grout lines sealed to avoid more damage to the shower's surface. The process required our professional restoration equipment, so the client agreed to have the job done at a later date.

With a clear plan in mind, our specialists went back to the client's house a few days later and wasted no time before they began the restoration process. The first step was cleaning the entire shower with a pH-neutral cleaner that leaves no harmful residues on the surface. They soaked the tiles and grout with the cleaner and then used a high-speed scrubber to get rid of the grime, moisture, and soap scum. Before moving on to the grout repairs, they steam-cleaned the area to ensure a long-lasting result on harder-to-reach areas.

To restore the grout, we scrapped off the caulk where it was loose and damaged. After this, we sterilized the shower's surface and re-caulked the seams, making sure to complete the necessary repairs before sealing the grout lines. When the shower was ready for sealing, our specialists applied a coat of ColorSeal over the grout lines until they had the whole shower covered. Sir Grout's acrylic-based sealant protects the grout lines from dirt, grime, and other common sources of surface damage, like mold and mildew. It also makes the grout more aesthetically appealing, as shown by the pristine look that prevailed on the shower's white surfaces.

We invited the client back to the bathroom when we were done, and he couldn't be happier with the results. The ceramic tiles glowed with a brand-new look that was perfectly matched by the newly restored grout. He was surprised to see such an improvement after years of trying different products in an effort to get that perfect shade of white.

Before leaving, our specialists made sure to share some important cleaning tips. They recommended using soap-free cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to prevent damage on the house's surfaces. Our pH-neutral cleaner has no toxic ingredients in its composition and actively counters the growth of harmful fungi. It serves as the ideal solution to preserve a bathroom's hygiene without putting people or pets at risk. They also suggested using a terry cloth or a dry towel to clean the shower's excess moisture, as dry surfaces are less prone to damage. Proper ventilation also helps keep moisture in check, so we suggested keeping the windows open for several hours a day. After taking note of our recommendations, the client thanked us for our work on the shower and promised to recommend our restoration services to his colleagues and neighbors.

You can trust Sir Grout SW Florida to give you the best results when it comes to grout and surface restoration. We have the best products and equipment at our disposal to complete any job safely and efficiently. Moreover, our specialists have decades' worth of knowledge to ensure nothing short of the best for your home's hard surfaces, from shower floors to kitchen counters. Call (239) 326-0602 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on our website to schedule a free in-home evaluation. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest info and promotions.

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