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Our Grout Cleaning in Fort Myers Exceeded This Repeat Client's Expectations Once Again

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October 20, 2017

If your kitchen floor is soiled, chances are you have tried, without much success, many different things to get it cleaned. Homeowners are often unaware of the fact that some cleaners can damage their floors. Not all cleaners are appropriate for all floors. However, this homeowner's favorite cleaner was very soapy, and he applied it generously and frequently on his kitchen floor. Eventually, residue from the cleaner built up on the grout and floor, making the surface look dull. It was as if no amount of cleaning were enough to eliminate the sticky and grimy layer on the floor, so he started to think that he might need a professional Fort Myers grout cleaning.

Before and After Picture of Dirty Grout in Fort Myers
A professional cleaning has many advantages that make it a worthwhile investment. First, only cleaning experts with the appropriate equipment and cleaning products can reach spots that hand cleaning can't —Isn't it tedious to scrub the tile or grout in an attempt to get rid of deep-seated grime? Second, you can avoid the inconvenience of retiling because it will no longer be necessary once you notice how clean your surface will be after a professional grout cleaning. Third, it fixes the damage caused by using inappropriate cleaning products. Cleaning experts know exactly how to proceed if there are signs of etching, staining, or any other type of damage, and they always use procedures and products that best suit the specific surface they are working on. The ultimate benefit of getting a professional cleaning is the time and effort homeowners save on maintenance.

Before and After Picture of Kitchen Grout Cleaning in Fort Myers
Once our client realized that only a professional Fort Myers grout cleaning could make his kitchen floor look as good as new, he thought about Sir Grout SW Florida since he had previously hired us for a tile and grout sealing procedure in his master bathroom. The owner called us and made an appointment to assess the kitchen floor. After the assessment, our experts decided that the floor needed a general tile and grout cleaning. A grout sealing procedure also was necessary because the grout hadn't previously been sealed. We were confident that our procedures would restore the original look of the tile and grout and protect the floor.

Our technicians started with the tile and grout cleaning. They cleaned the floor with a high-speed scrubber and a neutral cleaner, putting extra effort into cleaning the grout. The speed of the scrubber strips off dirt quickly and efficiently. Once the whole surface was clean, we sealed the grout with ColorSeal. Some owners do not want to have their grout sealed, but an effort to save money can often turn out to be more expensive. That is why ColorSeal is advisable to use on your surfaces—even from the moment they are installed. Our proprietary ColorSeal protects grout against moisture, mold, and mildew. This high-end sealant has other advantages, too. It comes in a wide range of colors to choose from. Epoxy ColorSeal is applied directly to the grout, and as it dries, it takes on a plastic-like finish and becomes harder. This type of ColorSeal contains resins and a filler, which offer greater resistance than cement-based grout and will hardly ever discolor or crack. Despite being more difficult to work with than regular grout, our experienced technicians knew all the steps they needed to take.

Before and After Picture of Tile Grout Cleaning in Fort Myers
The homeowner thanked our team for our helpfulness and professionalism, and he praised us for always living up to our high standards. He even showed us the bathroom we had worked on. It was still as clean as the day we had restored it! He asked us to give him some recommendations about how to maintain tile floors. We explained that cleaning in excess or using the wrong cleaner might do more harm than good, so we gave him some valuable information about common cleaners.

Some things that people should keep in mind when determining if a cleaner is appropriate are its composition, pH level, and consistency. When it comes to composition, most common household cleaners are quite harsh because they contain chemicals that can damage delicate materials, such as natural stone. That's why it is advisable to avoid ammonia or bleach unless they are being used in the correct dilution and on stubborn grime or to disinfect a surface. Another important thing to consider when selecting a cleaner is its pH level. Beware of using cleaners with an acidic pH on natural stone! They can permanently etch and eat away at the stone, making it dull. Finally, the consistency of the cleaner can affect the results. Avoid thick or very soapy cleaners, especially if they are too concentrated, or rinse them thoroughly. If you don't, they can leave residue that builds up on the floor tiles, grout, or caulk. That means that choosing the correct cleaner and using the appropriate dilution for your type of floor are two keys to proper maintenance.

Sir Grout SW Florida is your best choice for cleaning, polishing, and honing hard surfaces. We have the most experienced technicians and the best customer service. From tile to luxurious stone, we can solve any hard surface problems in your home or office. For a free in-home consultation, call (239) 326-0602 or fill out the form on this website. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on our services.

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