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Our Grout Cleaning in Fort Myers, FL, Proved to be an Effective Solution for These Ceramic Tile Surfaces

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November 16, 2023

Grout is a vulnerable component because it's cement-based and quite porous. This means it's prone to absorbing all sorts of liquids and susceptible to many kinds of damage. As deterioration occurs, grout acquires a dark tone and becomes difficult to clean, spoiling the appearance of any surface. That's why it's necessary to hire professionals like our Fort Myers Grout Cleaning experts to restore them.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Cleaning Service in Fort Myers, FL.
A Fort Myers resident recently requested our professional assistance. She felt frustrated because the grout lines in both her shower and kitchen kept getting darker over time. The problem remained no matter how much she mopped or brushed the floors.

Concerned, she went online looking for solutions. Most of the websites she found listed special products and homemade recipes. She tried many of them, but none of them worked. After considering her options, she called a friend and asked him for advice. Thankfully, he recommended hiring Sir Grout SW Florida. He said we had done an incredible job on his living room floor. He also advised her to visit our website to learn more about our work.

Before and After Picture of Grout Cleaning in Fort Myers. FL.
Following her friend's suggestion, the homeowner went online and searched for our website. After she found our page in the top search results, she browsed the picture gallery and read some of the reviews left by previous customers. The pictures and feedback gave her an idea of the superior quality of our services. Feeling confident in our ability to restore the floors, she filled out the contact form to request a free evaluation and a quote.

The next day we arrived at the client's home to assess the floors and offer the best possible solution to restore them. After greeting the customer, we began the evaluation. We immediately noticed the grout lines on both surfaces were dirty. The floors had suffered heavy wear and tear over the years, and their joints had paid the price. During the assessment, we also corroborated that the grout lines needed sealing. We explained to the client that unsealed grout can absorb all sorts of external agents. When this happens, the grout lines become discolored and the floor loses its appeal.

There was only one way to solve the client's problem: a well-performed grout cleaning and sealing service. With this, we would spruce-up the surfaces and enhance the appearance of their grout lines. We would also repair the grout where necessary to ensure everything remained in top condition. The customer accepted our proposal and set up a date for the job.

We returned to the client's house a few days later to perform the service. Our grout cleaning and sealing procedure is a multi-step process that requires expert execution. We carefully performed this process on every surface that needed to be restored. The first step was soaking the floor with a pH-neutral cleaner that is safe for tile and grout. This cleaner also contains agents that can help provide protection against bacteria, mold, and mildew. After we let the cleaner sit for a couple of minutes, we rinsed it off with a high-speed scrubber. With this machine, we gently removed the dirt and grime from the tiles and grout lines. Once the surfaces were spotless and dry, we began the second step of the procedure: the sealing process.

We used our flagship sealant Tile Armor to seal every surface. This high-quality impregnating sealant protects tile and grout against dirt, water, mold, mildew, and other external agents. Thanks to its surface-enhancing formula, Tile Armor makes cleaning routines easier and faster.

When we finished, we let the client see the results. She was extremely pleased because the process had been successful, cost-effective, and the floors looked amazing. After thanking us, she said the quality of our work was very impressive and that moving forward, she would recommend Sir Grout SW Florida to her friends and family.

Before leaving, we gave the client some tips on how to maintain her newly restored surfaces. We first recommended staying away from soapy cleaners and homemade recipes. These products contain harsh agents that can deteriorate tile and stain grout. We suggested using a pH-neutral cleaner like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. On top of being tile and grout-safe, this cleaner prolongs the lifespan of our proprietary sealant. We also advised her to keep a check on the floor's sealant to ensure it's working. To do this, she should place a few drops of water on every surface. If the water seeps in, the surface needs to be re-sealed.

Are you concerned about the state of your joints? Don't worry, Sir Grout SW Florida can fix them for you. We have the necessary tools and expertise to offer the best services in the field of hard surface restoration. Call us at (239) 326-0602 or click the "Schedule a FREE Quote" button on this page to schedule a free in-home evaluation today. To keep up with our latest news and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.
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