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See How Our Grout Cleaning Service in Naples, FL Rescued This Shower From Soap Scum

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July 09, 2018

Soap scum is a film-like layer that covers the surfaces around bathtubs, showers, and sinks. It often is the result of soap coming in contact with hard water. Soap scum can be difficult to remove if left on a surface for too long because it continues to build up each time the area around it is used. Dirt, mold, and mildew can combine with soap scum to cause different forms of odors and discoloration on the surface, including grout. Unfortunately, after desperately trying to get rid of it, a homeowner in Naples, FL found out that the brown build up in her master shower was not just dirt, but something much worse.

Before and after Picture of This Grout Cleaning Job Done in Naples, Fl, This Shower Is Now Free from Soap Scum
She tried, without success, to remove the dirty-looking layer of soap on the shower's surfaces with methods and products that had been recommended to her. Among the products were acidic and soap-based cleaners and even vinegar, since one of her relatives suggested it. The more she tried, the worse it seemed to get. Frustrated, she decided to seek help online. After she visited some websites, she found the build up in the shower was actually soap scum, which is much harder to get rid of than the dirt she initially thought it was. Most online users suggested an in-depth grout cleaning, which led her to search for grout cleaning services in Naples, FL. She found Sir Grout SW Florida's website within the top results and after seeing several of the positive reviews left in it by our customers, she requested a free in-home evaluation.

A few days later, our experts arrived at the client's house to perform the assessment. On the way to the bathroom, the homeowner told our team about her increasing frustration over the surfaces on the master shower. As soon as our techs walked in and saw the shower, they understood why. The floor looked extremely dirty and the grout lines on the shower's wall had darkened, giving it an awful look. Upon closer inspection, it was clear that the culprit was soap scum. Our experts asked the homeowner if she had used soap-based cleaners to clean the surface, to which she replied she had done so. They quickly explained to her that these cleaners might have contributed to the build-up of the layers of soap scum on the shower's surfaces.

After they finished the inspection, our team concluded that the grout lines were in poor condition, so they offered the customer a grout cleaning service to restore the grout lines and the overall look of the surfaces. Excited about finally having a solution to her problem, the customer agreed to the service and scheduled another appointment to have the job done.

Later that week, our team went back to the customer's house to begin with the restoration process. They started by applying a pH-neutral tile and grout cleaner on the shower's surfaces. This cleaner has properties that can help inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms for an extended period of time after it has been applied. After they let the cleaner soak for a couple of minutes, they deep cleaned the surface with a high-speed scrubber. They finished the job by applying epoxy ColorSeal on the shower floor and epoxy grout on the expansion joints. Epoxy ColorSeal is an epoxy based sealer that closes the pores on the grout. It is both thick and durable, which makes it especially fitting for shower floors. It also comes in the desired color, which in this case was white, giving the surfaces a nice, clean look.

Once the job was finished, our team showed the customer the results. She was thrilled with the job they had done and thanked them for giving her such a clean-looking shower. She also said the service was worth every penny and that she would recommend Sir Grout SW Florida to everyone.

Before leaving, our experts gave the homeowner some care and maintenance tips to keep her shower looking great. First, they recommended cleaning the shower at least once a week with a pH-neutral cleaner, such as Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. This cleaner leaves no residue and can provide many benefits to any surface. Second, they suggested wiping the surfaces with a dry cloth after cleaning. Finally, they advised her to use liquid soap as opposed to bar-soap, because the latter tends to leave behind too much residue.

Are your grout lines dingy and in need of a grout cleaning service? If you are looking for professional grout cleaners in Naples, FL or surrounding areas, Sir Grout SW Florida has the necessary tools and expertise to fulfill your expectations. Call us at (239) 326-0602 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this website to schedule a free in-home evaluation today. Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our latest news and promotions.

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