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Thanks to Our Grout Cleaning Job, This Shower Floor in Naples, FL, Said Goodbye to Its Grimy Look

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June 20, 2018

Showers are associated with hygiene, which is why having a clean shower is one of the most important things for a homeowner. To this client in Naples, FL that was exactly the case. However, due to her full-time job, she rarely had time to dedicate herself to cleaning, and for that reason her shower floor began to wear out as time passed. This surface gathered both dirt and mold, which was easily visible thanks to its small-tile design. She tried, without success, to remove the grime on several occasions. Frustrated, she decided to seek help, so she went online to search for a team of grout cleaning experts in Naples and found us through a local business review website. After browsing the Sir Grout SW Florida website and seeing the numerous positive reviews and testimonials left by our customers, she requested a free in-home consultation.

Thanks to a Grout Cleaning Job Done in Naples, Fl, This Shower Said Goodbye to Its Moldy Look
The day of the consultation came, and our team of experts arrived at the client's house. They greeted her and were led to the bathroom shortly after. She slid the shower door open and showed them the problem. Our tech quickly understood the source of her frustration: the grout lines looked extremely dirty and several parts of the edge of the surface had gathered mold. The woman was a little skeptical about hiring professionals to deal with the problem, but her concerns were met with a good explanation from our specialists on why they would be helpful in this situation. First, grout is not easy to clean due to its a porous nature, which is prone to absorbing liquids. It is common for the dirt carried by water to settle within the grout lines, giving them a stained look. Second, self-procured solutions can lead to potential disaster, resulting in higher unnecessary expenses or total replacements.

Those reasons helped change the woman's perspective on the matter. Additionally, our team explained the source of the problem to her. When grout is not properly sealed, water that flows through the shower can seep through the grout. Over time, this might create an environment for mold to grow. When asked when she had last had her shower sealed, the client answered she could not remember. Shower floors are constantly exposed to water, which is one of the main concerns when it comes to porous mixtures such as grout. If it is not properly installed and kept, the absorption of liquids can cause major problems. On top of that, dirt had also settled within the many grout lines of this small-tiled floor. Even though small tiles are a popular choice for shower floors due to being less slippery, being easy to repair and making spaces look bigger, they also make any form of wear-down far more visible.

After the assessment, our experts concluded the shower floor needed a restoration. To our client's luck, it was nothing Sir Grout SW Florida could not resolve. The team proposed a grout cleaning service plus a sealing procedure to protect the grout and prevent the shower from returning to poor condition. The homeowner immediately accepted our proposal and scheduled another appointment to have the job done.

Later that week, the team got to the client's house to begin with the restoration process. We started with the application of a pH-neutral tile and grout cleaner on the shower's surface. After letting it soak for a couple of minutes, we began to do the in-depth cleaning with a high-speed scrubber. Our team made sure to thoroughly remove the mold and the stains from the grout. Lastly, we applied our proprietary Expoxy ColorSeal. This is a sealant that closes the pores on the grout. It is thick and durable, which makes it especially fitting for shower floors. It also comes in the desired color, which in this case was pure white as the customer requested.

Once the job was done, our team asked our customer to check the results. She was very happy with the job they had done, and also surprised by how clean her shower looked. She thanked us for a job well done and insisted that if she ever were to have any problems with a hard surface, she would call us again.

Our team followed with some care and maintenance tips to keep her shower looking great. First, they recommended cleaning her shower's surface on a weekly basis, which helps maintain the tiles and grout fresh and free from dirt. Second, they suggested the use of pH-neutral cleaners during these cleaning sessions because they do not damage grout, nor will they leave residue behind as other types of cleaners would. Third and last, they recommended drying with a cloth after cleaning.

When searching for the best way to restore the appearance of your home's surfaces, make sure to reach out to the top experts in the industry. If you live in Naples, Sir Grout SW Florida offers you the best tile and grout cleaning services in your area. Call us at (239) 326-0602 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form in this site to schedule a free in-home consultation right away.

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