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The Grout in This Antique Ivory Floor in Naples, FL was Fully Restored After a Grout Cleaning Service

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December 14, 2018

Grout is a mixture of sand and cement. As a result, if not properly maintained, grout can absorb water and different kinds of bacteria, causing it to stain. Sealing grout is the best way to keep it protected from external agents, but it is an often-skipped procedure by most homeowners. A recent client had been living in his lovely home in Naples, FL for almost a year when he began to see problems in the grout lines in the bathroom.

Before and after Picture of This Ivory Floor Fully Restored after a Grout Cleaning Job Done by Our Team in Naples, Florida
The homeowner tried cleaning with many products and methods, but none of them seemed to work. After becoming tired of scrubbing and trying several products, he decided to go online and search for possible solutions. He found these problems are common when the grout is not sealed. However, the grout in his bathroom could not be sealed in its current state, which is why it was necessary to have it cleaned. That's when he decided it was best to let professionals solve the problem, so he searched for grout cleaning experts in Naples, FL and found our website in the top results. After browsing our site and seeing the testimonials we have received from satisfied customers, he called to schedule a free in-home evaluation.

As scheduled, our experts arrived at the customer's home to determine an effective solution to the problem at hand. After they did a thorough inspection of the grout on the antique ivory floor, it was clear the grout's sealant had worn out. Sealants are the only layer between grout and harmful external agents. Without it, grime can easily accumulate and give it an awful look. The homeowner told our team that in his attempts to get rid of the grime, he'd used soap-based cleaners. Due to its porous nature, the grout retained the mix of soap residue and dirt, which resulted in further deterioration.

Our team explained to the customer that even though the grout was in bad shape, the damage was not severe. Our experts assured him they would be able to restore it with a grout cleaning accompanied by a sealing service. The homeowner agreed and scheduled an appointment for later in the week.

While carefully sealed tiles are resistant to stains and damage, the appearance of your surfaces can still be ruined by neglecting the grout. Though keeping your grout in perfect condition with a proper cleaner is important, sealing your grout will keep your floor looking its best. That is why we always remind our customers to keep their grout's sealant in check. To do so, place a few drops of water on the grout. If the water seeps in, the grout must be resealed. This simple practice can help you avoid costly repairs.

On the day of the job, our techs returned to the homeowner's place to restore the bathroom. They started by applying a pH-neutral tile and grout cleaner on the bathroom floor Not only does this cleaner ease the removal of grime, it also keeps the surface protected from harmful bacteria for an extended period of time after it has been applied. Next, they used a high-speed scrubber to remove all the dirt from the tiles and grout lines. After making sure the grout lines were not cracked and needed replacement, our experts continued the process by applying our flagship sealant, ColorSeal. This is an acrylic sealant that is both waterproof and stainproof. It keeps grout protected from water, dirt, mold, and mildew, and it also makes the grout easier to clean. The customer chose white ColorSeal so the grout would match the refined, clean look of the antique ivory tile on the bathroom floor.

As shown by the pictures, the grout cleaning and sealing procedures drastically changed the appearance of the bathroom floor. The homeowner was really happy with the outcome. He thanked our team and stated he would recommend Sir Grout SW Florida to all his friends and family.

Before they left, our team gave the client some maintenance tips to keep the surface in good condition. Their first suggestion was using pH-neutral grout-safe cleaners such as Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Unlike acidic or soapy cleaners, they do not damage grout nor leave a sticky residue behind. They also recommended avoiding heavy scrubbing when trying to clean grout, especially after ColorSeal has been applied, to avoid damaging both the sealant and the grout lines.

When looking for a professional grout cleaning service in Naples, contacting Sir Grout SW Florida's experts will always be your best bet. We always make sure to surpass your expectations. Give us a call at (239) 326-0602 or fill out our "Request a Quote" form at the bottom of this page to schedule a free in-home evaluation today. Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest news and promotions.

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