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This Ceramic Tile Floor Lights Up the Whole Room Thanks to Our Naples Grout Recoloring Specialists

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November 16, 2021

After more than 10 years of looking after her home, this Naples resident had already been planning to invest in some renovations when she noticed the worn-down state of her living room floor. In short, the grout lines on the floor connecting her living room to her kitchen had been growing darker and dirtier in the span of a few months.

Ceramic Floor Before and After a Grout Recoloring in Naples
She had dealt with dirty grout lines in the past, so it was disconcerting to her when all the cleaning tips in her arsenal brought no changes to her floors. The grout stood out too much against the house's layout, where the tiles, walls, and most pieces of furniture had a light shade that immediately clashed with the dirt stuck on the grout lines. At this point, the ceramic tiles on the floor also looked worse for wear, so the homeowner decided to seek advice online.

Her search led her to Sir Grout SW Florida. She saw our clients' Yelp reviews as a good sign and immediately went to read through our website's content. Our client showed interest in our Naples Grout Recoloring services, so she gave us a call to get more information from our specialists. At the end of the call, she asked for an in-home evaluation. Our team was happy to comply, so they scheduled a date to go inspect the house's floors.

During the evaluation, our specialists saw much of what the client had explained on the phone. Dirt and grime had stuck to the grout lines until the grout's original color couldn't be seen at all. Both the living room and the kitchen area saw a lot of foot traffic at all times of the day, so it was expected to see the problem expand to the whole floor in so little time. More importantly, the floors have been exposed to chemical cleaners, and the acidic properties in these products had exacerbated the damage on the grout. We explained to the client that standard sanded grout has a porous surface, and the properties in soap-based formulas make it more susceptible to absorbing all sorts of outside elements, like dirt, water, and food residue. We told her that the best course of action involved recoloring and sealing the grout lines to stop the problem from repeating itself. She agreed to schedule a new appointment for the restoration job, and our crew was back at her place soon after.

They started by cleaning the entire floor with a soap-free, pH-neutral cleaning product and a high-speed scrubber. They continued scrubbing every inch of the surface until all the dirt was removed and applied vapor steam cleaning to get the floor spotless and ready before recoloring the grout. For this part, our specialists removed the damaged grout and started recoloring the grout lines with Sir Grout's signature ColorSeal. Our acrylic-based sealant is the ultimate solution to protect your grout from stains, mold, mildew, and the dirt left by constant foot traffic. It makes grout lines more resistant in the long term, especially when compared to standard grout or caulk.

The change was instantaneous. Because our ColorSeal is available in multiple colors, the client had the option of choosing a white tone that made her grout perfectly match the other surfaces in the living room area. The end result made the floor look immaculate and, in turn, complimented the house décor to provide a very sophisticated appearance. The homeowner was thrilled. She was thankful that Sir Grout's cost-effective methods hadn't affected the budget she had reserved for her future renovation plans. She had also refrained from having people over after assessing the damage on her grout, so she was happy at the prospect of welcoming guests without having to worry about her floors giving a bad impression.

She also asked for suggestions regarding hard surface maintenance since there was no way to reduce the amount of foot traffic on the tiles. Our specialists recommended using surface-safe, pH-neutral cleaners like our Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. This formula is free of harsh chemicals and acidic ingredients, so it won't wear down hard surfaces or seep into the grout after repeated use. It also brings out the tile's color and texture while keeping harmful agents at bay. They also recommended cleaning the floor with a dry mop or a terry cloth, and placing floor mats on certain parts of the floor to prevent dirt buildup. With these recommendations in mind, the client thanked us and told us that her review would soon join the long list of online recommendations praising the specialists at Sir Grout SW Florida.

Do you want the best restoration services to bring back your floor's natural beauty? Sir Grout SW Florida offers the latest equipment and the expertise of seasoned hard surface restoration professionals to get the job done. We understand the traits of each surface we work with, and we adapt our methods and tools according to your problem. To learn more about our services and schedule a free in-home consultation, call (239) 326-0602 or fill out our "Request a Quote" form. Also, remember to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest info and promotions.

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