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This European-style Home in Naples Had a Floor and Shower that Wouldn't Get Clean. See the Results of a Grout Sealing!

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March 02, 2016

A beautiful home with European-style accents was all the newlyweds from Naples wanted in their first big investment. The expansive tile in the kitchen and walk-in shower was one of the biggest styling cues that sold them their new home. They were prepared to replace a few fixtures here and there, but when they realized shortly after closing on the home that the kitchen grout was not supposed to be an uneven, dark brown, they started to look further. The new homeowners investigated the shower: on closer inspection, they could see discoloration and the sickly, bitter odor of mold became pervasive after just a few attempts at cleaning.

Image of a Tile Floor Before and After a Tile and Grout

So much grout made their home look dirty, and required a lot of intensive cleaning time! That cleaning time seemed to be causing the floors and walls in the kitchen and bathroom to look even more dirty and uneven. While one spot of grout would get brighter and whiter, another area would stay dark and even appeared to be absorbing water, creating greater contrast between the "clean" areas and the dirty-looking ones. After a little research, the couple began to suspect that the grout itself was not sealed. They asked the neighbors for a recommendation on a good grout sealing service in Naples – and it turned out that Sir Grout SW Florida would come out for free to evaluate the shower. At least they could get to the bottom of the problem…

There was a lot of suspense surrounding the day of the evaluation. For the couple, the big fear was that all the beautiful tile would have to be ripped out and replaced. What if there was water damage behind the tiles? What if the damage was irreversible? When the hard surface restoration experts arrived, they took a look at the once-beautiful kitchen and bathroom tile and grout. The couple was right – a grout sealing was definitely in order. Fortunately, the grout was not deteriorating to the extent that it would need to be replaced! They told the good news to the couple and reviewed the project with them.

Before and After Picture of a Grout SealingBefore and After Picture of a Shower's Grout Sealing

The kitchen and bathroom would both need a tile and grout cleaning and sealing, and the shower would need a caulking service as well. Both the kitchen and the bathroom grout were very stained, so they recommended ColorSeal as the product to use for the grout sealing service. ColorSeal is a tinted sealer that not only fills damaged, stained grout, but also creates a new color on top of the grout, making the grout lines look extremely precise and clean. ColorSeal also makes big expanses of grout easier to clean because it's water-resistant, stain-resistant, and mold- and mildew-resistant. The homeowners selected a few different colors for their shower and kitchen. In the kitchen, since the tile was lighter, they decided to go with the new grout sealing in ColorSeal's Light House color. For the shower walls, they selected a slightly beige tint to match the tiles: Mist ColorSeal. Finally, they chose the caulk, a high quality STAINMASTER® epoxy caulk, in Ice White to cement a clean feeling throughout the giant walk-in.

The big job was completed in just a couple of days! No demolition, no toxic chemicals, and best of all, an easier cleanup job would be guaranteed in the future. The team taught the young couple how to clean their beautiful tile and grout: always use a pH-neutral, soap-less cleaner like Sir Grout Maintenance Cleaner, avoid using acidic or alkaline cleaners, and switch from bar soap to liquid soap – it's easier to clean liquid soap off the walls.

The couple was thrilled with the beautiful work. No more dirty looking tile and grout!

Does your tile and grout look discolored? If so, it's probably stained. Call (239) 326-0602 to schedule a free evaluation for your hard surfaces!

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