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This Fort Myers Homeowner's Floor Constantly Looked Dirty. Could a Grout Recoloring Fix It?

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September 08, 2015

When Sir Grout of Southwest Florida got called in for a grout recoloring and sealing assignment, we knew we'd have a tough job on our hands. The Fort Myers homeowner was upset about the uneven color and unsightly staining of her expansive tile floor. Much of the stains and color variation were concentrated on the grout, creating a constant dirty, uneven appearance that cleaning could not alter at all. A 2,000 square foot job is never a walk in the park. In our experience with grout sealing and recoloring, we have discovered that most floors do not actually need to be replaced. An inexpensive, quick grout recoloration usually resolves dirty grout and tile. Would recoloring the grout be enough to resolve even the most stained Southwest Florida floor? Discover how Fort Myers grout recoloring turned this floor from horror to success story.

Before and After Picture of Grout Recoloring in Southwest Florida

We arrived at the customer's home early so that we could better assess the condition of the tile and grout. After careful evaluation, we decided that grout recoloring and sealing was the best option, and decided to break out the ColorSeal to do it. ColorSeal is a tinted sealer that serves to fill and eliminate the dirt-trapping pores found on grout, creating a shiny, water-resistant layer. At Sir Grout of Southwest Florida, we take great pride in restoring tile and grout back to its original beauty. That's why we took extra care to make sure this particular job went smoothly, using precise application to remove unpleasant stain and grime.

Dust, dirt, "foot traffic", and even mold are some of the leading causes for hard surface damage. Oftentimes, regular cleaning and sealing can solve even the trickiest of issues. Many homeowners rush to have their hard surfaces remodeled or replaced altogether, though this is often unnecessary.

Most companies will try to convince you to replace your grout entirely, but we at Sir Grout know that oftentimes, recoloring is all your floor needs. Our customers get renovation-quality results at a fraction of the cost! Such was the case with this Fort Myers home. For an effective grout sealing and recoloring job, ColorSeal is usually the way to go.

Even the finest-quality tile can look dirty, shoddy, and stained if it isn't cared for properly that's why regular maintenance is imperative! Our grout sealing and recoloring experts recommend only the best products for fixing dingy-looking tile. In the case of this particular Fort Myers resident, we used our very own Sir Grout ColorSeal to solve the issue of uneven, discolored tile. Despite the years of neglect that had caused it to accumulate dirt, dust, scratches, stains, and uneven texture, we were able to transform the floor back to a clean, new appearance. Dealing with age-old grime can be a real challenge, but most tile and grout problems can be solved with a high-quality ColorSeal application performed by a professional.

Sir Grout's ColorSeal is one of the finest sealers on the market. Designed by our very own experts with years of experience in tackling common tile and grouting concerns, our ColorSeal stands the test of time. This case was no exception, and at the end of the day, the results were immaculate. The customer's tile floors were aged, scratched, and dingy and all that changed thanks to our grout recoloring and sealing efforts. The tile and grout currently look brand new, recolored, and sealed to a flawless, glossy finish. The customer was overjoyed to see how beautiful her tile floor turned out! We were happy to add this grout recoloring project to our list of exceptional jobs.

Do you miss that "new floor" shine? Our tile cleaning and grout recoloring services can restore even decades-old tile back to its original beauty! Fill out the form below for a free evaluation.

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