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This Mosaic Tile Shower Got a Modern Look After a Grout Cleaning in Naples, FL

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September 20, 2016

This couple built a traditional family home in Naples, FL, where they raised their children and with whom they have a strong bond. They passed on their family traditions to their children, who upheld them long after they had left home. They would often gather at their parents' home for family celebrations. This time, the elderly couple was about to celebrate their 50th anniversary, so their children wanted to throw a great party to honor their beloved parents. They thought of celebrating the occasion in their parents' home, where they had built many beautiful memories. However, their mother opposed to the idea. She confessed that she was embarrassed to have family and friends coming over and seeing how dirty, aged, and deteriorated the grout lines in the guest bathroom were. Her children promised to have the bathroom fixed for the big day, and she accepted. Fortunately, one of the children remembered seeing a post about a grout cleaning company in Naples on her best friend's Facebook timeline that could help them restore the bathroom.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Cleaning in Naples, FL

The daughter immediately called her friend to ask her about Sir Grout SW Florida. Her friend said that she highly recommended our service, given her own great experience with us. She tagged the homeowner's daughter in the post, and the children felt confident about our company after watching the video testimonials on our website. Therefore, they set up an appointment for a free in-home quote.

Our team arrived at the scheduled time and date and did an inspection of the damage, which was evident to them. They immediately noticed the visibly stained and deteriorated grout lines, as well as the thick layer of soap-scum adhered to the shower door. Our professionals also saw the cracks in the expansion joints. They told the homeowner's children that they had to deeply clean the surface, repair the expansion joints, and ColorSeal the grout lines.

On the day of the job, our experts were prepared for the arduous task they had ahead. They began by doing a thorough cleaning with a combination of pH-neutral cleaning products and a high-speed scrubber. The crew also steam cleaned the surface to remove the embedded grime from the tiles and grout lines. Additionally, they cleaned the shower door by removing all the soap-scum. Our skilled team used Benaz for this purpose, which is a glass shower door cleaner that eliminates soap-scum and hard water spots from glass.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Cleaning in Naples, Florida

After the cleaning process, the surface was ready for the preventive stage of the procedure, which was aimed at keeping further water damage from happening again. This also revived the appearance of the floor. To accomplish this, the professionals repaired the expansion joints with Stainmaster Epoxy Grout a modern product designed to resist water exposure, even in showers. Since it is extra tough, it perfectly seals the expansion joints, preventing water from seeping under the tiles. When the joints were repaired and sealed, the professionals proceeded to apply an off-white shade of our proprietary ColorSeal on the grout lines a state-of-the-art product especially designed to protect the grout lines from damage, making them water-, dirt-, mold-, and mildew-resistant. It can even last as long as the grout itself, if properly applied and maintained.

Our team finished the service by applying Shower Armor a spray that can be used on tiles, grout, and even glass, preventing mineral deposits from building up on the surface. It is very convenient for damp spaces like showers. However, the cherry on top is that it reduces cleaning efforts to the minimum, which was convenient in this case, since it will help these homeowners enjoy their golden years.

The team also cleaned and color sealed the bathroom floor. When they finished, they called in the homeowners, who were very pleased with the results. They were amazed by the drastic change of the bathroom. The homeowners said that they would recommend Sir Grout SW Florida to everyone they knew. If you have a hard surface in need of a grout cleaning, Sir Grout SW Florida is the best choice. For any service related to hard surface restoration, call (239) 326-0602 or complete the form below.

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