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This Shower in Naples, FL Looks Bright and Refreshed After a Grout Recoloring Service

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August 09, 2016

Taking a shower is probably one of the most refreshing and energizing moments of the day. After a stressful day at work, most people love to come home and take a long, relaxing shower. However, this relaxing experience goes out the window if the shower is dirty. Unfortunately, one of our most recent customers learned this the hard way. Her once-beautiful 3-person shower had lost its charm. The formerly white grout lines turned dark brown, and the expansion joints in her shower were falling apart. The homeowner knew that she needed to act quickly and find a solution that could renew both the grout lines and shower joints before it was too late.

Before & After Shower Recoloring in Naples, FL

Fortunately, the homeowner heard about our grout recoloring service in Naples through a friend that had hired us before. Her friend told her to visit our website for more information. Once she saw the before and after pictures of showers that used to be in worse condition than hers, she knew she had found the right solution and called us for a free quote.

Grout is most susceptible in showers. This is due to the fact that most grout is cement-based, which makes it very porous. Therefore, it can easily absorb water, stains, and dirt. Also, soap-scum can become a magnet for dirt, which will stick to soap-scum and change the color of the grout lines. The homeowner had already tried every trick in the book to clean the grout, from lemon to vinegar to abrasive cleaning products. However, the grout lines did not improve, in fact, they looked even worse since acidic substances, such as lemon and vinegar, easily degrade and deteriorate grout. Leaving her shower in the hands of professionals was a wise decision.

When we inspected her large shower, we realized that the grout lines of both the floor and the walls were grimy and dark. We also realized that the expansion joints were decaying. This needed to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent water damage. So, after carefully examining the shower, we created a plan of action to return it to its spotless appearance. The homeowner approved and was eager to see her renewed shower.

Before & After Picture Showe Recoloring in Naples, FL

We started the job by sprucing up the shower with a pH-neutral cleaner and high-speed scrubber designed to extract the dirt and soap-scum from the tiles and grout lines. Then, we used vapor steam cleaning to eliminate the remaining dirt trapped in the grout. Once the floor and the walls were completely clean, we applied ColorSeal in a light shade to match the tile. We also cleaned the glass door and applied Shower Armor a spray that can be applied to tile, grout, and even glass to protect it against mineral deposits, reducing the homeowner's cleaning efforts. We also applied Stainmaster epoxy grout to the expansion joints to prevent water from leaking into the walls.

Once the job was finished, we showed the homeowner her renewed shower. She was in awe of her shower's fresh, new look. The homeowner thought it looked better than new! She was thrilled and said she would recommend our services to anyone who needs them.

To keep grout looking bright and clean, it's important to seal it as soon as it's installed, especially in bathrooms. Our proprietary ColorSeal process recolors grout lines and makes them resistant to water, stains, mold, and mildew, making it ideal for humid environments such as bathrooms and showers. It also makes cleaning easier for homeowners and leaves grout lines looking as good as new.

Does your shower look like the one in the picture above? It might need a grout recoloring and sealing service. If you live in Naples or surrounding areas, don't hesitate to contact us by calling (239) 326-0602 or by filling out the form below.

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