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This Travertine Bathroom in Fort Myers Went from Dirty to Pristine with a Grout Sealing Service

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October 21, 2016

A travertine master bathroom is every homeowner's dream. Homeowners fall in love with its elegant appearance, attractive colors and patterns, and relatively easy maintenance. However, this Fort Myers homeowner's once-elegant and beautiful travertine bathroom had become his worst nightmare. He was concerned about the unappealing look of the grout lines in his shower, and he was so frustrated with his bathroom's appearance, he no longer enjoyed the pleasure of a good shower. Wanting to go back to the days when he appreciated relaxing and long showers, he decided to fix the problem himself by cleaning the grout lines.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Sealing in Fort Myers

He used a whole range of cleaning products, but no matter what product he used or how hard he scrubbed the grout, it just wouldn't do the trick. The grout was starting to look worse with every product he used. So, he decided to search online for DIY cleaning recipes and tried them as well, but they didn't work. He began to feel hopeless, as he thought his bathroom was beyond repair. Before giving up, he decided to try one last thing he searched online for Fort Myers grout sealing services and was happy to find Sir Grout SW Florida's website. After seeing the before & after pictures from some homes with similar problems and testimonials from our clients, he decided to call our team to schedule an appointment.

After our team of specialists arrived at the house and inspected the homeowner's master bathroom, they proceeded to explain the problems the shower had and what they would do to restore it. They noticed that the grout was very worn down and had visible stains, dirt buildup, and cracks. To recover the shower's former appearance, they had to remove the old, weathered, and cracked grout to apply new grout.

 Before and After Picture of a Grout Sealing On a Travertine Bathroom in Fort Myers, FL

Grout's primary function is to fill in the gaps between the tiles. Moreover, it is very porous, so grime and water can easily permeate its surface, causing stains and other problems. If left unattended, grout can fracture and water could leak into the grout and under the tiles, which gives the surface an unappealing appearance and could potentially cause structural damage.

Our grout sealing experts were determined to recover the shower's former charm. They began with a deep cleaning process that consisted of using pH-neutral cleaning products and vapor steam cleaning to remove the embedded dirt and stains. Once the tile and grout were clean, they applied ColorSeal to protect the grout lines and give them a new color that matched the tiles. They also applied Stainmaster Epoxy Grout to the expansion joints to prevent water from leaking into the walls and under the tiles.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Sealing Service in a Fort Myers Bathroom

When the job was finished, the homeowner could not have been happier. The master bathroom was not only clean, but also looked brand new. He could go back to enjoying his long and relaxing showers again! Before leaving, our team taught the homeowner how to properly care for the tiles and grout. They recommended using only pH-neutral cleaners, which would help the grout lines remain in good condition. They also suggested keeping the bathroom well-ventilated to prevent fungi and bacterial growth.

Does your shower look like the one in the picture above? It might need a grout sealing service. If you live in Fort Myers or surrounding areas, don't hesitate to contact us by calling (239) 322-3984 or by filling out the form below.

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