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You Won't Believe the Dramatic Change This Kitchen Floor in Bonita Springs, FL Underwent after a Professional Grout Cleaning

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November 14, 2017

Kitchens have become a place where families gather and share time together. No wonder homeowners want their kitchens to be an inviting space where they can chat with their loved ones while they enjoy a sandwich. However, it's not just your family who comes into your kitchen. In the past, kitchens were private areas. You could see people and food coming in and out, but you never really knew what was going on in there. Nowadays, kitchens are open spaces that are designed as an extension of the dining room. Any person in your home can see you while you cook. For this reason, homeowners want their kitchens to be spotless at all times. No matter if you are making coffee or lasagna, it must be flawless. The problem is that heavy use can deteriorate any surface.

Before and After Picture of a Dirty Grout in Bonita Springs, Florida
This homeowner was in love with her kitchen. She loved to cook big meals and have friends and family over very often. Her kitchen was her favorite room in the house. She usually took good care of it. It was always organized and clean, or so it seemed… One day she decided to get a new fridge. As soon as the appliance was removed from its usual place in the kitchen, the truth was revealed before her eyes: the floor under the fridge was clean, while the rest of the surface had an unsightly look. The tiles looked dirty and the grout lines had a brownish color. They were dirty and stained. She immediately called her brother, an experienced floor installer in New York, for advice. He said it was time to look for a company that could offer a superior grout cleaning in Bonita Springs, where she lived.

The homeowner was really concerned and frustrated. She could not understand how and when the floor had become so dirty. She usually cleaned it on a regular basis. The homeowner had even applied a high-gloss finish to make the floor shinier. She never noticed that it was getting grimy and unappealing. She could understand that it had aged, but she could not believe that it had accumulated so much dirt. The woman took her brother's advice and went online and looked for grout cleaning services in Bonita Springs, and she found Sir Grout SW Florida among her top search results. She wanted to learn more about our services, so she read some testimonials and posts on our blog. Once she had read all the information she needed, the homeowner decided to schedule a free, in-home consultation.

On the date of the appointment, our team of grout specialists arrived at the owner's house. The homeowner showed them her kitchen. A quick look was enough for our technicians to identify the signs of deterioration. Our team also wanted to look into the causes of damage. They asked the homeowner about her cleaning routine. The woman told them that she usually cleaned the floor several times a week. The team then asked about the products and techniques she used. She said that she used regular cleaners that she found at the supermarket. Also, she mentioned that she was used to "washing" the floor: the woman would pour the mop water on the floor and then remove the excess water with the mop.

The team listened to the woman's explanation and determined what needed to be done to restore the surface. They told the homeowner that the floor needed to be thoroughly cleaned. They also suggested sealing the grout lines to prevent further damage. The woman agreed and scheduled a new appointment to carry out the procedure.

Tile surfaces are tough and resistant. They can take years of usage while adding style to your home. Another characteristic that makes them desirable for many homeowners is that they're easy to clean. However, even the most modern tile surfaces can wear down if they are not correctly maintained. Using the wrong cleaning products and methods can cause your tiles to chip, crack, scratch, and accumulate dirt, making them look unappealing.

Grout is vital when installing tile surfaces. It is used to fill in the space between tiles. Sanded grout is highly porous, and this porosity makes grout lines vulnerable to liquids, which can seep into the floor, causing mold and mildew growth and chipped, dried out, dirty, stained, and even crumbling grout lines.

This homeowner had been using soap-based cleaners for a long time. These kinds of cleaners can leave a film on the floor's surface that attracts dirt, which can create a waxy layer of grime that darkens your tiles and grout lines. To make things worse, the homeowner had applied a floor wax to make her floor shine, which had trapped the dirt.
A few days later, our experts came back to put their plan into action and restore the client's kitchen floor. They started cleaning the surface by using the appropriate cleaners and a high-speed scrubber, which removed the dirt from the floor. Next, they used vapor steam cleaning for the most difficult areas. When the surface was clean, the grout specialists began to seal the grout lines. This stage required high precision to avoid staining the surface. During this step, the grout lines are recolored to give them a fresh, new look. The team used ColorSeal, Sir Grout's non-toxic grout sealant. This product makes grout resistant to water, mold, and stains, making the grout lines last longer.

Once our team finished, they showed the homeowner the results. Our client was really happy with her floor's new look. She said that she had never seen her floor so clean.

Are you looking for an outstanding grout cleaning in Bonita Springs, FL? Sir Grout SW Florida is the right choice for you! Our staff of hard surface restoration experts are ready to restore your tile surfaces. Do not hesitate to call us at (239) 326-0602.

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